Re: Announce: Lookup v.1.6.

On Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 06:46:27PM +0000, Ewan Mellor wrote:

> My Sawfish lookup module has been discussed on this list previously.  It
> provides simple keystroke access to a variety of search facilities,
> including Google and your local Java documentation.  Version 1.6 of this
> module has now been released.  The Javadoc facility has been totally
> reworked in this release, so that entries may now be accessed using the
> unqualified name of the class or package.  For example, giving the search
> term "Applet" will show the page for java.lang.Applet, and giving the search
> term "util" will show the page for java.util.  One index is used for all of
> the documentation on your machine, so that a single entry point allows
> access to the documentation for the third party libraries that you are using
> and your own project, as well as the Java standard libraries.
> Also in this release: a search against IMDb, Google using the "I'm feeling
> lucky" button, and improvements to the URL-launching module to start a
> browser instance if one is not already running, and to unshade the window of
> the browser if it is.

All that would probably be more useful if I'd mentioned the appropriate URL.


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