Announce: Lookup v.1.6.

My Sawfish lookup module has been discussed on this list previously.  It
provides simple keystroke access to a variety of search facilities, including
Google and your local Java documentation.  Version 1.6 of this module has now
been released.  The Javadoc facility has been totally reworked in this
release, so that entries may now be accessed using the unqualified name of the
class or package.  For example, giving the search term "Applet" will show the
page for java.lang.Applet, and giving the search term "util" will show the
page for java.util.  One index is used for all of the documentation on your
machine, so that a single entry point allows access to the documentation for
the third party libraries that you are using and your own project, as well as
the Java standard libraries.

Also in this release: a search against IMDb, Google using the "I'm feeling
lucky" button, and improvements to the URL-launching module to start a browser
instance if one is not already running, and to unshade the window of the
browser if it is.



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