Re: Sawfish and gnome-panel action menu

Michal Maruška wrote:

Andrea Vettorello <dnc thctribe net> writes:
sawfish-client -e "(send-client-message (get-window-by-name \"Top Panel\")

This works binded to a key shorcut and executed as a shell script, maybe someone
with more in depth Sawfish knowlege can suggest how to use it directly...

try this:

First, i had to change it, b/c the window title is localized/translated, so unsuitable:

(define (get-window-by-class-re re)
   "Get a window by matching against its class"
   (catch 'found
      (lambda (w)
        (if (string-match re (window-class w))
            (throw 'found w))))))

(define-command 'invoke-gnome-run-dialog
 (lambda ()
   (let ((window (get-window-by-class-re "Gnome-panel")))
     (if (and (windowp window)
                (window-id window))       ;window could be gone
        (vector (x-atom '_GNOME_PANEL_ACTION_RUN_DIALOG) 0)
       (display-message (_ "no gnome panel found"))))))

Oh, that's nice, thank you. Now i've learned a couple of new things about Sawfish...


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