Re: Sawfish and gnome-panel action menu

Christian Marillat wrote:

Andrea Vettorello <dnc thctribe net> writes:

Seems i can't bind a key to the gnome-panel "Run Application..." action
with Sawsfish (gnome-panel 2.8.2, sawfish 1.3+cvs20040617, i.e. an
updated Debian Sid).

See Debian bug 217015. I've received this reply from John Harper :

| this could be trivially coded in lisp:
| | (send-client-message 'root '_GNOME_PANEL_ACTION=20
| | so I don't see any reason to include this in sawfish itself

So this bug has been tagged wontfix upstream.

I've received this reply in private, so the BTS contains nothing. BTW I
don't know if this solution is working or not.

Thanks Christian, i'm trying to look how to use the above lisp one liner with Sawfish (easier said than done =).

I'm digging on the rep documentation right now...


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