Re: Sawfish and dual head : state of the art

> >	Ex: your mail/irc client, monitoring apps, all you need to keep an
> >	eye on, on 1 and the rest on the other.
> >	Very pratical for monitoring-like tasks.
> Yes, yes that's what all the strange and wierd people say, but sticky 
> windows and window avoidence (like what keeps gnome-panel from being 
> covered when maximizing), does the same thing.
I forgot to mention an important point related to Xinerama : hardware
acceleration hos almost no chance to be available in xinerama mode as it
can be with --multihead. However,
	. I only have DRI working on both heads with my matrox G550, with
	ati/radeon, DRI is not available on the second head,
	. ATI promised to make free (as in beer) driver for Linux by the
	time of Xorg release,
	. Xorg is supposed to improve "xinerama" implementation,
	. DRI acceleration (or even proprietary drivers) doesn't provide an
	real 2D enhancement, so it might not worth the bothering to mind
	about it :)

I have two systems running dual head setup, both with sawfish. I used to
prefer independent displays, but now I tend to get familiar with
xinerama, mostly for ease of use (mozilla'like family doesn't really fit
those configs). 

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