Sawfish and dual head : state of the art

It's quite difficult to find any information on the net about dual
screen handling with X in general.
One would easily find how to set up a dual screen config in
/etx/X11:XF86Config-4 but what about WMs ?
I'd like to gather feelings about this, so that I could write some doc
and submit it. 

Sawfish offers 3 (2) ways to handle dual head setup :
. sawfish --multihead :
	obsolete, bloated, you're told not to do this if you don't want to
	lose your ~/.sawfish/ :/
	I don't really know if this is truth or fud, however it makes it
	possible to run 2 different SF on both heads.
	The SF are *really* independent, and you can't move a window from a
	head to the other. Some objects like files in file managers might
	move, useless-drag-n-drop-thingie-that-just-works (tm).
	Quite difficult to switch from one display to the other.
	Ex: your mail/irc client, monitoring apps, all you need to keep an
	eye on, on 1 and the rest on the other.
	Very pratical for monitoring-like tasks.

. sawfish & DISPLAY=:0.1 sawfish in .xinitrc :
	exactly the same as above.

. startx -- +xinerama and sawfish in .xinitrc :
	Your two+ head are now a huge composite desktop, sawfish is running 
	on it as on a single head.
	You can drag n drop / move windows from a head to the other.
	You can cycle between windows on the two heads.
	Ex: Editor running on 1 and the result (pdf for latex,
	applications when coding, etc) on the other. 
	Pratical to get extended thematic workspaces, 


Let's consider this setup (I tried not to use tabs, so it should display
nicely) :

        |             |                  |
        |             |                  |
        |             |                  |
        |      1      |        2         |
        |             |                  |
        |_____________|                  |
                      |                  |
                      |                  |

Head 1 : 1024x768     (Laptop monitor)
Head 2 : 1280x1024     (external LCD)

Sawfish understands this setup as a large (1024+1280)x(1024) desktop and
not really a composite.
The main side effect is that some window are misplaced :

        |             |                  |
        |             |                  |
        |             |                  |
        |      1      |        2         |
        |  ____       |                  |
        |_| w  |______|                  |
          |____|      |                  |
                      |                  |

Sawfish seems to understand the space below 1 as free space and place
windows on it.

The limit between 1 and 2 is quite problematic. No window are initially
drawn by SF on this limit however many apps are started in a very large
mode, so that they cross the limit. 


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