user-defined keymaps/prefix key


I'm a window manager junkie, so I happen to jump back and forth
between various ones, always searching for the "perfect" window
manager.  Somehow I keep coming back to sawfish, thinking "if only I
added <function>, it'd be perfect."  

The thing I'm thinking about today is borrowed from ratpoison (and
other WM's have this): the fact that you prefix all your keystrokes
with one key.  

I use emacs a lot and would rather a) keep my hands on the keyboard,
and b) keep the wm from stealing my keys.  I've started to use the
"hyper" key (windows key), but that's awkward to get at.  What I'd
really like is to steal one binding (ctrl-t in my case), then have
everything follow it.  So I could bind "ctrl-t o" to cycle windows,

Has anyone done this sort of thing in sawfish?  Any pointers on where
to start?  I've actually started by looking at the prompt.jl code,
since it sort of does something similar to what I think a workaround
would be.



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