sawfish, FC2 and workspaces

I am experimenting with sawfish on a test2 installation for
Fedora Core 2.  Yes, I know that I need to use what is in cvs
instead of release 1.3 to cooperate properly with Pango and
possibly other issues.  Consider that given. :-)

But I have problem with workspaces.  A default number of workspaces
on current Gnome desktop is tied up to 'metacity' (have a look
in ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/general/%gconf.xml) so I thought that
I will create a number of these in ~/.sawish/rc.  Hence I dropped
there the following:

(progn (
;;	(insert-workspace 0)
	(select-workspace 0)))

This does what I want if executed from 'sawfish-client' but it
seem to have none effect whatsoever in ~/.sawish/rc regardless
if I uncomment '(insert-workspace 0)' or not.  I know that my
startup file is executed because I can  do there, say,
(system "oclock &") and it shows up.  Wrong timing?  What gives
and how I can prevent that?

BTW - I found that a bit curious that typing at a sawfish-client
prompt just '(insert-workspace-after)' also seems not to be
doing anything while '(curret-workspace)' returns correct values
just fine.  This is quite different from the code above.

The other thing is that if I am clicking on some fields of
"Workspace switcher" then all open windows, in the chosen workspace
or some other ones, are "jumping around"; not only in that switcher
but on corresponding desktops as well.  Does anybody know what
happens here and how to make it go away?  Obviously this is not the
case when metacity is in use.  Also nothing like that happens if
workspaces are switched via menu or a keyboard.  Oh, my librep is
0.17 and rep-gtk 0.18 as available on sourceforge.

I am not going into viewports for a time beeing. :-)


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