Re: how to hide windows permanently on startup

Interesting idea, if you get it working, be sure to post it on the list.
(I tried to do the same for a while but just got lazy)

Anyway, have you tried Merlin's extensions to Sawfish 1.3? It might be
possible to accomplish this task with a pile.  For example, you could
move he pile off the screen (and back on upon a keybinding)


On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Maurice wrote:

> Hi,
> 2 problems:
>   How do I start a programm hidden? Sadly the 'Matched Windows'-Tab
>   in the sawfish-ui has no option for this.
>   Although I hide a window with the hide-window-function, the window
>   becomes visible if I change back to the workspace where the window
>   was created.
> I thought about starting the windows iconified but unfortunately my
> target-windows (gkrellm and the sawfish-pager) don't allow this.
> Thank you.

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