Re: lisp newbie help (semi long)

On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 09:47, sand blarg net wrote:
> Bret Hughes writes:
> > What I want to do first is find a window that has a certain string in
> > the title, and do something, say print its name.
> First step: printing the names of each window.
>   (mapcar window-name (managed-windows))
> I developed this stuff in Emacs.  The Emacs Sawfish mode has
> keybindings to send expressions to Sawfish for evaluation, which is
> more convenient than cutting and pasting.
> Derek

Thanks Derek.  I managed to get it working but your tips will certainly
make life easier.

I had seen the mapcar function but was having so many problems with the
parens I was trying to get stuff working as simply as possible and am
continuing to grow my knowledge and add functions to my tool box.  I am
starting to get my head around the lang but it is a surprisingly steep
curve for me for some reason.

once I found progn after realizing that only one form can be evaluated
in the true case of an if statement things got a little easier.

I also managed to figure out that I could use ,load-file "testlisp" and
it would reload the functions without a full restart needed. made
testing iterations MUCH faster.

I am not an emacs user (yet, this may be a reason to go there) any tips
for debugging outside of the emacs environment?  Can I start sawfish so
that I can see error messages generated?

I am cc'ing the list with this as well as forwarding your post there for
future searchers.  There is a dearth of info out there using
sawfish-client and I may try to document my limited experiences to help
folks get started.

Thanks again.


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