Re: Multiple bits of text in one frame part

C. Laurence Gonsalves writes:
|I'm playing around with a sawfish theme, and I'm trying to simulate a
|"drop-shadow" effect in the title. I was going to do this by rendering
|the title twice: once in black, and then again in white, but offset by a
|few pixels. AFAICT, each frame part only allows one string of text
|though. I tried making two overlsappng frame parts, one with no
|background, but that didn't seem to work. Is what I'm trying to do

yes, I think so. Each frame part will get a separate window, which
means that most of the bottom piece won't get drawn. One way to fix
this may be to change sawfish to make the frame part windows InputOnly
and then draw into the top-level decoration window. However doing this
may break existing themes in some cases..


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