Re: I broke sawfish

Hi Kevin,

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 16:52, kevin mcguire ubs com wrote:
> Hi,
>    I managed to break sawfish by doing some "organizing" of my
>  installed directory. (several months after the initial installation -
>  the source directory is now gone, so re-installing it will not be
>  easy) It used to work. Now I am getting the following when I try to
>  start sawfish: error---> (file-error "No such file or directory"
>  "rep/data/tables")
>    I tried to make sure that all of sawfish's dependencies went back to
>  the right place, but apparently I've overlooked something, or else
>  some state information or file references are stored in a file
>  somewhere.    Can anybody point me in the right direction, or suggest
>  some diagnostics?

I don't know what exactly you've done, but the file you've mentioned
belongs to the librep package. So what you have to do is reinstalling



Andreas Buesching <crunchy tzi de>
Universitaet Bremen

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