Problems with function keys


I recently installed Summit X-Server from Xi Graphics and noticed
that some keys I used for WM functions stopped working.
I'm using sawfish-1.3 on Gentoo Linux.
One of those problematic keys is the "Front" key (I'm using a Sun
keyboard) which is assigned to "Raise lower window" function.
It has a keysym assigned using xmodmap.
xev shows the key OK.
I went to Sawfish Configurator and just to make sure I let it "Grab"
the key for the "Raise lower window" function and it picked-up
SunFront which is correct as shown by xev.
Unfortunately the key gets then "ignored" by Sawfish, that means
Sawfish doesn't act on it, it gets passed to x-clients.
Few other keys from the left hand side of my Sun keyboard show this
symptom as well.
They all work as expected with Sawfish under xfree X-server though.

Is there any way trace/debug such a problem in Sawfish?

Thanks for your time.


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