[sabayon] <pinkfloyd>Is there anybody... out there?</pinkfloyd>

So?  How are people liking the Sabayoney-goodness so far?

Here's an updated "Where I'm headed for the next few months" state of the union

1) I've started the process of thinking how we can "PolKit-1"-ize Sabayon.  I'm
   not really sure what I'm doing, but... hopefully I can at least map out a
   plan over the next little while.
2) Fixing the logging situation's next.  I've posted on this before, but the
   long and the short of it is: Unix-like logging (no news is good news, log
   all errors to the standard places (syslog || STDERR), verbosity with a "-d"
   flag).  I've got to do this without touching all the dprint's in the code,
   since I don't want to aggro the translators.
3) Bug list's down to a reasonable 15 or so.  Fixing Mozilla Bookmarks, getting
   OpenOffice.org lockdowns in Pessulus going are the two "big ones" left on
   the list.  We can't do much about the bonobo bug until the panel comes up
   with an alternative to bonobo.

In order to fix Pessulus for the OO.o lockdown, I'll probably start sticking my
nose in there as well, and helping out.

Are people using Sabayon now?  I can report with a certain amount of pride that
Sabayon will be shipped *by default* in Edubuntu (plug, plug), pre-installed
and ready to rock-n-roll.

As well, DktrKranz has been hanging around in #sabayon lately, and working on
getting Sabayon back into Debian.  We're kind of dependent on Python 2.6 now,
and that's the primary thing that's holding  Sabayon up in Debian, but P2.6's
getting fully integrated soon, so Sabayon will be back to normal in the Swirl.

C'mon people lets make some noise!  WHOOO SOUND OFF SABAYONERS!!!

/me starts busting mad rhymes, or something.


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