[sabayon] ANNOUNCE: Sabayon 2.29.92

Did we say Drainage and the desert? Well:

 "Ignore the man behind the curtain"

Owing to a crasher bug that we picked up on post release on one
of our platforms, and Frédéric Péters pointing out we shouldn't assume Python
2.6, we decided to do a quick bit of re-releasing.

Available at all fine GNOME retail outlets, and:

Version 2.29.92

  Code Name:

    * "Ignore the man behind the curtain"


    * Couple of crasher bugs that were introduced in working on
      mozilla bookmark handling.
    * Fix Bug #610876: Symlink in /etc/skel causes crash
    * Fix Bug #610877: Directory Permissions in /etc/skel
      are not preserved
    * Removed dependency on Python 2.6 (Sorry Frédéric Péters)


    We *PROMISE* we won't release another version tomorrow.


    * bg, courtesy of Alexander Shopov
    * da, courtesy of Ask Hjorth Larsen
    * de, courtesy of Christian Kirbach

Scott L. Balneaves | The closest you will ever come in this life to an
Systems Department | orderly universe is a good library.
Legal Aid Manitoba |     -- Ashleigh Brilliant

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