Re: [sabayon] Details pane sort order plan

On 02/01/2010 04:15 PM, Warren Togami wrote:>
Bug 608720 - sabayon-2.29.5 Details pane sort order confusion

Problem: GConf keys are hidden amongst the long list of files stored by
the Sabayon profile in the Details pane view as of sabayon-2.29.5. This
is a confusing behavior regression.

* First add the non-file objects like Mandatory GConf, Default GConf,
Web, etc.
* Then add the files after they have been sorted by full pathname.
    def __load_modules (self):
        """Load all available modules from self.module_path."""
        dprint ("Loading modules from %s", self.module_path)
        sys.path.append (self.module_path)
        for file in os.listdir (self.module_path):
            if file[0] == '.':
            if file[-3:] != ".py":
            if file == "":
            self.__load_module (file[:-3])

AFAICT the order of modules comes from whatever order os.listdir() decides to run the modules, and this eventually propagates to the ListStore backing of the TreeView of the Details panel. This part of the code hasn't changed since 2005, so something else seems to have changed that changed the apparent order of items displayed in the Details view.

Still digging...


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