Re: [sabayon] Enquiry about enable compiz in saved session!

On Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 01:00:51AM +1100, TIGER ZHENG wrote:
> Hi,there:
> Thanks a lot , guys.
> Sabayon is  great which make me easy to deploy the system. But now there's
> an issue wanto confirm from you guys.
> Is it possible enable visual effects to extra(in ubuntu 9.04) and enable
> compiz fusion which can make a great Gnome UI for users?

I don't know too much about compiz, so I'm not entirely sure how it stores it's
configuration.  Does it either store it in .config, or gconf?  If so, I'd
expect it would work correctly.

The best bet would be to try what you want to do and see.  If it doesn't work,
then file a bug, with the steps to reproduce what you want to do, and we can
figure out what sabayon isn't picking up, and fix it.


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