[sabayon] Sabayon branched to gnome-2-18


I've just created a branch for Sabayon for GNOME 2.18.  You can check it
out with

  svn checkout svn+ssh://svn.gnome.org/svn/sabayon/branches/gnome-2-18

I've already updated jhbuild/modulesets/gnome-2.18.modules for this.

Further development of the unstable branch will continue
in /svn/sabayon/trunk as usual.

Plans for 2.19:

- Improve the error propagation and logging code, and hook all this to
bug-buddy, so that the user can report meaningful bugs when something
goes wrong.

- Integrate Pessulus into the Sabayon source tree.

- Merge Novell's code to support lockdown in OpenOffice.org.

- Have a test suite.

- World Domination(tm), step 1.


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