Re: [sabayon] Using sabayon with xephyr instead of xnest?

On Mon, 2007-13-08 at 13:46 -0700, Alex Malinovich wrote:
> Has anyone looked into using sabayon with xephyr instead of xnest?
> xephyr is intended to replace xnest, so moving away from xnest seems
> like it would be a good idea. 

I thought about this when I was fixing an issue with gnome screensaver
and sabayon/xnest in Gnome 2.17, but didn't see any really compelling
reason to do so. As far as I know, the main touted advantage of Xephyr
is that it can use various extensions that Xnest can't (like composite
and damage) and I didn't see how this would improve Sabayon's
functionality at all. 

If there's a compelling reason to switch that I'm not aware of, it
should be easy to do.

> I'm not familiar with the internals of
> sabayon, but I'd imagine it would only be a matter of changing a
> couple
> of command-line switches to allow xephyr to be used instead of xnest. 

I'm pretty sure that's all that would be required, yes.
William Lachance <wrlach gmail com>

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