Re: [sabayon] Re Firefox bookmarks loop


I suspect firefox checks LAST_MODIFIED when it applies the bookmarks. 


Daniel Hedblom
>>> Travis Reitter <treitter-dev netdrain com> 06-10-01 09:28 >>>

I've been working on bug #357021 for a few days now. So far, it's been
pretty challenging, but I think I'm getting pretty close. Right now I'm
kinda stuck - lib/sources/ generates the file
sabayon-bookmarks.html incorrectly. So I'm trying to take one of the
profile zips, decompress it, fix sabayon-bookmarks.html, then re-zip it
and put it in place.

However, this new version of sabayon-bookmarks.html from the modified
zip archive is not copied into ~/.mozilla/firefox, like it normally
would be, and it's not merged into

How critical are the timestamps on all the files? Will Sabayon give up
if it sees conflicting times? (I've been setting the mtime of
sabayon-bookmarks.html back to what it was before the edit, anyhow).

The only other difference between the archives is that the ones I create
(with the "zip" command) are considered "Zip archive data, at least v1.0
to extract" by the "file" command (whereas the ones created by Sabayon
are "v2.0 to extract", and significantly larger).

Is there anything that I'm missing in the process?


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