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Sorry for the late answer - busy busy busy :-)

Le vendredi 24 mars 2006 �4:48 +0000, michael meeks a �it :
> Hi there,
> 	So - bit rude this I guess; but I just created a 'sabayon-ooo' branch
> in sabayon CVS to commit my OO.o integration work; for some more
> background, this integrates with some patches to OO.o which we've been
> shipping for a while - that read gconf settings if there are any -
> extending the gconf reading in OO.o.
> 	Anyhow - I have a number of issues:
> 	* I don't know python [ this is being fixed slowly ]

Well, I can't help you on this since I'm sure you now know as much as I
do :-)

> 	* I have no taste [ too late to do anything about this ]


> 	Beyond that - the OO.o backend is quite interesting:
> 	* read-only - ie. we can't use the GUI to set the keys

You mean the OO.o GUI, I guess.

> 	* tri-state: we don't install schemas - since we *don't*
> 	  want to use the gconf backend for these values unless
> 	  they are set. We want instead to use the (more beautiful
> 	  deeply cunning, cross-platform etc.) OO.o configuration 
> 	  defaults / backends etc. etc.

Hrm. You mean, a boolean key is either unset (use OO.o configuration),

> 	So - the read-only-ness results in packing the (few) interesting OO.o
> settings into the lock-down dialog; ins everal nested tabs (a HIG
> nightmare?) sub-optimal, but - at least functional.
> 	Secondly - unfortunately sabayon appears to have limited ability to
> manage tri-state settings; although in fact all the 'lock-down' dialog
> settings should really be tri-states: initially of course no value is
> set in the config; they are not reflected as such. I propose:

If I guessed right, here's what you probably can do (I'm using
checkboxes as examples):

 + when the lock near a checkbox is open, it means "unset". You can then
   set the box insensitive

 + when the lock is closed, then you make the checkbox sensitive.

And you can have the three states here. However, it breaks the current
meaning of the lock icon in pessulus.

> 	* hack PessulusLockdownCheckButton to allow a tri-state 
> 	  setting there & beef up the backends to allow a key
> 	  'unset' from a given profile.

Note that when the lock is open, the mandatory value for the key is
unset. What is set is the value for the current user.

> 	* use that same key-unset for the combo code too - should
> 	  we have a magic name for combo entries eg. '<not-set>'.
> 	Of course the combo thing is rather an abomination, of course - not
> being a widget, and handling both int & string - should we bring gconf
> values directly through to there instead of adding get_string/get_int to
> the code.

Didn't read the code yet. But I trust you :-)

> 	Ah - also, I confess I checked code into the sabayon/source/lockdown
> stuff - even though that's known-evil, simply because I didn't want to
> branch pessulus too; sorry Vincent.

Don't worry ;-)



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