Re: [sabayon] identity crisis

Hi John,
	I think there are two options:

  1) Assume delegate names are unique across sources - i.e. that we're 
     never going to have delegates of two different sources with the 
     same name. Oh, we'd also be assuming that no delegate would have
     the same name as any source.


  2) Add a "delegate" tag to the profile metadata format which would 
     contain the delegate name (the <source> tag would then contain the 
     actual source name rather than the delegate name)

	I think (1) is fine.

	Either way, what you need to do is a add a UserProfile:get_delegate()
function which will iterate over all the sources looking for a specific

class UserProfile:
    def get_delegate (self, delegate_name):
        for source in self.sources:
            delegate = source.get_delegate ()
            if not delegate is None:
                return delegate
        return None

class ProfileSource:
    def get_delegate (self, delegate_name):
        for delegate in self.delegates:
            if delegate.get_name () == delegate_name:
                return delegate
        return None

	and in you'd want something like:

    for (source_name, path) in ():
        source = self.profile.get_source (source_name)
        if source is None:
            source = self.profile.get_delegate (source_name)

        description = source.get_path_description (path)

	You'll also need to add a get_path_description() method to the
SourceDelegate base class and the MozillaDelegate class - it would
return stuff like "Mandatory Mozilla preferences", "Default Mozilla
Bookmarks" etc.

	Oh, you're also using a translated string as the delegate name:

  userprofile.SourceDelegate.__init__ (self, _("Firefox"), source, ".mozilla")

	You shouldn't translate the string since you want the name to be the
same across all locales (since its in the profile metadata)


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