RE: Rygel with Media:Connect on iPhone and Kinsky on Windows

I tried with the two xml files from 0.12.5 version, with Media:connect on iphone it changes nothing, the forbidden sign on Rygel Icon stay there and with Kinsky it help a little, I can sometimes initiate a stream but the controls command dosen’t works well , for exemple the stream start only when I press the stop button after clearing the playlist… if something is in the playlist the stream never start, I also get this error from Rygel when  Kinsky connect to rygel (it seems this is in this situation but I’m not 100% sure) :


** (rygel:1496): CRITICAL **: string_contains: assertion `self != NULL' failed


Another thing, I can’t get thumbnail with the Media Export, I get this error :


** (rygel:1572): WARNING **: No thumbnailer available: Failed to find thumbnails folder.


Maybe I have to create the folder manually ? (I had to do so with the .config folder to make rygel run), if so  where must this folder be placed and with wich name ?




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There were several fixes to the description can grab the latest files from the 0.12.7 release. If that doesn't help we probably need to look into version downgrade for the renderer

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Doese someone successfully use Rygel with iphone app Media :Connect or on Windows 7 Kinsky ?


With media:connect I see the rygel icon but with a forbidden sign in front and with kinsky I also see the rygel renderer but I can’t launch any stream.


With Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 at the start rygel was not working but after replacing the AVTransport2.xml and RenderingControl2.xml files in /usr/share/rygel/xml by the ones on this post : Rygel was working well with WMP12.


Is that possible that the problem with Kinsky or Media:connect comes also from these files ? If so is there maybe more recent version of them ?


My configuration :

Debian Squeeze on embedded device (armel)

Rygel 0.6.0-1 (installed from Debian stable package)





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