pulseaudio and rygel

Hi Rygel devels and users,

First off, thank you for this fantastic program.

My goal is to stream whatever audio my computer is playing.. wirelessly through the DLNA protocol and play it through my PS3 which is connected to my audio system. The wired way is to just use an audio jack to connect my laptop to the receiver and play but it is cumbersome.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and I've read in forums and such ( also Zeeshan's comments in some blog ) that it is possible through PulseAudio and Rygel. I've seemingly done every permutation of configuration and it still eludes me. Things I've done from

I've enabled the DLNA output through "paprefs":

"Network Access" Tab: Enable Make Discoverable PA network snd devices locally
"Network Server Tab: Enable all options ( which enables DLNA as well )
"Multicast RTP" Tab: Enable Multicast Receiver. Enable Multicast sender and enable "send audio from local speaker"
"Simultaneous output" Tab: Disable

In the "Sound Preferences" applet:

I selected the "DLNA/UPNP streaming" from the "Output" tab.

I also installed "padevchooser" and in the "Manager" panel:

Server Information Tab:
  Server Information : pulseaudio
  default sample type: s16le 2ch 44100Hz
  default sink: upnp
  default source: alsa_input.pci-000....

Modules tab:
   I see that the module-rygel-media-server is loaded but the Argument field has nothing.

I've installed the Ubuntu package as well as compiled the latest trunk.Both of the cases, I can see my files through Tracker and MediaExporter plugins and play them in PS3. But I simply cannot see anything related to the PulseAudio. When I change the output to DLNA in the "Sound Preferences", I can't hear the sound through my laptop speakers anymore which means that it is properly going to the upnp sink but somehow this is not seen from PS3.

I think I am missing some obvious step or configuration. I am also willing to toy with Rygel sources but not so comfortable in Vala. Any help or pointers is appreciated.


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