Re: RTSP issues


2010/11/15 Daniel Piñeiro <danips det uvigo es>:
> Hello again,
> I was testing Rygel with incoming RTSP streams and I have found out it
> is not working very well. Trying to make sure it is not me doing
> something wrong I have tried with gnome-dvb-daemon as source and it
> happens the same:
> - when there is no transcoding it seems to barely work: it starts to
> stream and it stops after a couple of seconds. The same for totem and
> vlc using this resource (rygel as proxy):

  This is most probably some issue on the gstreamer level. Could try
to play the RTSP URIs from dvb-daemon without rygel (e.g gst-launch
line with preferably same pipeline as rygel uses or totem)?

> BTW I am using Rygel 0.8.2 with the annotation [CCode (instance_pos =
> -1)] in rygel-wmv-transcoder-bin.vala and
> rygel-mp2ts-transcoder-bin.vala commented out,

  Where exactly you put this annotation?

> as it is the only way I
> get transcoding working for H.264 streams. But I have tried with Rygel
> 0.9.3 and I get the same.

  On a general note, I advice you to either use rygel as a hacker or
user, the different being that as user you want to stick to releases
and as hacker to rygel from git.


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

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