Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Plug-in no longer working since update on Manjaro

The list isn't very active as rhythmbox itself has been stable/unchanged for a long time now. That's good though because I find rhythmbox to be extremely stable (outside of plugin issues)

The issues with plugins are usually plugin/distro specific issues as well so most of the time it's probably better to file a bug with your distro for the alt toolbar.

The genre plugin might be a bit too niche for most especially with renaming tags that way. I don't actively maintain most of my plugins anymore as there hasn't really been large enough changes in RB to warrant going back.

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Is this mailing list even active? Not seen a single other post come through.....

But following this up because it has come to my attention that far more than the plug-in created by my friend has stopped working properly. Even the Alternative Toolbar, which is packaged as default and seems to be the most suggested plug-in for many people's issues on how Rythmbox works as default, does not work properly any more! (Try dragging to reorganise column order with latest version.) Surely the default plugins are something you don't want to break..... Is anything going to be done about getting the program working properly again? I had hoped it might have just happened by now but months later and the situation is still borked!

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Dear list.

Sorry this isn't really development related but I don't have easy access to IRC due to poor data connection and this was the only other place I could see to try and ask for help.

I have been using a plug-in written by a friend of mine for about 5 years now. Since an update which went through to Manjaro (Arch based distro) a month or so ago it no longer works. Rhythmbox takes ages to load if it's enabled and then the plugin isn't working once it does eventually start up (at first I thought RB was completely ruined.)

Unfortunately my friend now lives in an ashram in India and doesn't go near any coding so I can't ask him to try and fix the code and I have zero python skills, and with aforementioned internet connectivity trying to teach myself it right now is hardly an option.

The plugin is very useful so maybe somebody might like to check it out and decide it's worth maintaining directly. The main features are the ability to select multiple genre from the genre tree (with collapsible sub-genres) and then you can either play normally or there is add to queue functionalities (either number of songs or a set amount of time. Most important for me is the drag and drop functionality for changing a tracks genre. I use it for organising my music for Mixxx and DJing out, having a certain number of pre-defined genres into which every track in my DJ music archive get put. Having lost the ability to do this via drag and drop is a royal pain!

Hopefully somebody thinks this sounds like a worthwhile plugin and would like to have a look. Here's the link:

Sorry if you don't think this belongs here, maybe I can try and find a Python/Linux group otherwise....

Kind regards, Dale.
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