[Rhythmbox-devel] [Writing a plugin] How to know if user seeked in the track

Hello there,

I've been a happy RB user for a number of years now and decided to try my luck writing a plugin.

I've been working on a plugin to stream RB's output to a DLNA mediarenderer. I am trying to run a function 
(make the mediarenderer seek) when the user manually seeks in the track.

I haven't found an explicit signal for this, so I've been listening to "elapsed-nano-changed" and using a 
heuristic to see if if jumps around too much, but a) it doesn't feel like the right way to do this, and b) 
sometimes the signal is sent every 200ms, sometimes every 4s, so I'm having a hard time nailing it right.

Is there an alternative that you can recommend ?
Thanks a lot for your help,

Quentin de Metz

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