Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Does PlaylistManager allow a plugin to 'monitor' a playlist folder?

I believe that it's not possible via the PlaylistManager class, but you could use some other python library to watch the folder (I don't know which but I guess there is one out there). I've written an extension to pick a folder for playlists and then manually import or export from it, so if you want to add an auto sync functionality you can use that code. Beware though that it's very easy to corrupt your playlists when you automate the improt/export stuff because RB automatically removes songs from playlists if it doesn't find them (which doesn't normally happen but when you reorganize stuff or use other apps on your library it's a risk). Here's my plugin:

On 11/12/17 04:41, lachlan-00 wrote:
If it's possible I was going to write a plugin to allow the following

Pick a folder to store playlists (eg ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/playlists)
When the plugin loads it will search that folder for playlists.
Once m3u's are found either create or update playlists.xml
Add checks for mod time and a refresh button to preferences.

Does RB.PlaylistManager.parse_file allow this?

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