[Rhythmbox-devel] Example Meson build instructions for Rhythmbox

There is some buzz around the Meson build system recently[1], and I
have spent some time writing build instructions for Rhythmbox using

The new build instructions are available in the wip/sam/meson branch
of rhythmbox.git. I'd describe them as beta quality right now; they
produce a working shell/rhythmbox binary and a set of plugins, but I
haven't thoroughly tested it yet. You need a modern version of Meson,
probably use Git master for now until Meson 0.36 is released.

My intention isn't to try & push this build system on the project
maintainers, I'm just sharing this work in the hope others find it
interesting and useful. If you get bored watching Autotools
reconfigure the project for 30+ seconds then give it a try :-) I don't
know if I'll maintain this long-term; others are welcome to rebase and
update the branch if it looks out of date.


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