Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Frequent failure to download podcasts

On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 11:46:27AM +0000, mike _ wrote:
Rhythmbox 3.1. openSUSE 13.2

The behaviour I expect is that I launch Rhythmbox and within a few
minutes it's downloaded any new podcast episodes. It frequently fails
to do that. I've no idea why. I've no idea how to start to try and
work out why. Sometimes after I've right clicked on a feed and
selected 'update' N times it'll suddenly decide to download a new

What feeds are you subscribed to?  Does this happen with all of them?
How many is N?  Do the new episodes show up in the episode list at all,
or do you have to update a feed many times to get the new episodes to appear?

Rhythmbox only downloads one episode at a time, so maybe it's getting
stuck on one that takes a long time to download, or that is timing out due
to server or network connection issues.

The most useful thing you could provide would be debug output from rhythmbox
showing this happening.  Open a terminal and run 
'rhythmbox -D podcast 2>rblogfile', let it run through all the normal feed
updates, then quit.  Mail me the contents of 'rblogfile' (you probably don't
need it to be in the list archives forever) and I'll see if I can figure
out what's going wrong.

Often there's an icon next to the feed, like a reload icon. See
The appearance of this seems to be related to failure to download new
episodes. I can't find documentation which explains what the icon
means or why it's there.

It indicates the feed is being refreshed.

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