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The ability to dynamically change the toolbar disappeared at rhythmbox 2.99 when the interface shifted from the (now) deprecated GTK.ui_manager style coding to the Gio based approach.

So you cannot change the toolbar ... at least not so easily.

This plugin shows you how to change the toolbar  - you basically have to list out all the UI elements and find the object/container you are interested in and add a child object.

Alternatively, you can manage your own toolbar and add elements to that - e.g. my alternative-toolbar plugin

As an aside - if you settle on using my plugin you could add elements to it via your own plugin - you'll need to wait until my plugin in loaded before adding your new control.  Example - see my other plugin (coverart browser master branch) as to how I added a new control to the headerbar.



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I believe it is called the toolbar, where the playbutton, next, prev,
shuffle etc is.

In an older version I was able to create another entry/icon in it but that
doesn't seem to work  (or work the same) anymore (or am I missing

any hints would be appreciated.


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