[Rhythmbox-devel] Fixed: UI freeze when updating tags of many tracks

Hello everyone,

I noticed that when updating, for instance, the Album name of 20+ tracks on my HD, the UI freezes for a few seconds, and for more if updating 100+ tracks. I decided to fix this so it'd happen in a background thread while I continued my work in the player/shell, and report errors to the UI thread if necessary.

In the process, I also added a useful rhythmdb_commit_async to RhythmDB, accepting a progress callback called each time an entry is synchronized.

I'm not sure how to go about contributing this patch officially, so I want to put it here first, get your comments, and possible suggestions regarding submission.
Please review as well, if possible - this is my first time dealing with GLib (and the first time in a *while* that I've coded in C).

​You can see my commits here (as of 2014-09-28):

​Take care,​
Yam Marcovic

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