[Rhythmbox-devel] Alsa "file descriptor in bad state" in rhythmbox


I have a question about an ALSA error :
AL lib: (EE) alsa_reset_playback:snd_pcm_hw_params(data->pcmHandle, hp) failed: File descriptor in bad state
that :
1. sometimes completely hangs up rhythmbox (kill necessary)
2. often jumps to next song
3. sometimes plays right the selected song
since my last switch from Debian stable to testing.

The problem occurs only on my laptop, not my desk PC.

I am an occasional DJ (selecta) using rhythmbox as a prelistening tool with the internal soundcard. The problem does not occur on decibel which I use for main output with the external soundcard. alsaplayer works well also.

I am using .asoundrc for the mapping software/soundcard, and alsasink in the gstreamer configuration.

It seems to be a problem of rhythmbox, as decibel is working fine, but should I ask the debian package maintainer, or is it a pure gstreamer or alsa problem ? It is not critical because I can restart RB as much as necessary, but is clearly a major and stressing issue for me to have to kill an app during an event ...

What would you recommend me to solve this issue ?
Of course I could try to reinstall, or to revert to a stable distribution, but this is not exactly the spirit.

Many thanks

Laurent Pouillet

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