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  I.don't have access to this device, but a blind shot. Check out, .


On 3 Jan 2014 18:39, "Martin Schrod" <mopped_martin web de> wrote:

Hello together,


I own a Sansa Clip+ which I haven't used for about a year.

As I tried to use it again 2 weeks ago I got error messages. Regarding to these messages there are not all of the files transfered to the clip.

First what do I use:

Ubuntu 12.04

Rhythmbox 2.97

Gstreamer 0.10.36

all from the ubuntu ppa.


The error Messages are in german.


Senden der Datei zum MTP-Gerät nicht möglich: update_abstract_list(): could not set album artist name.



Sending of the File to the MTP-Device not possible.


The second Error which occurs mostly with this error is:


Senden der Datei zum MTP-Gerät nicht möglich: PTP Layer error 200f: send_file_object_info(): Could not send object info.


The german part is identical to the first message.

I've run rhythmbox with -d --gstreamer-debug-level=5 which produced about 5 GB of data.

The errors are contained in the output. If someone can subscribe which information is of interest in this data I can send a smaller logfile.



Martin Schrod


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