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Hi Eddie,

It doesn't look like this is possible. Itunes doesn't even run on Linux under Wine [0] or Crossover Office [1], and there isn't a way for Rhythmbox or any other media player to interface with iTunes in the way you've requested.

If you really want to stick with your iPhone and also stick with Linux, your best bet would be to run an instance of Windows in a virtual machine (such as virtualbox), and install iTunes in Windows. That, or you could try activating your iPhone on a friend's computer, and then just updating it from your friend's computer every now and then. 

The iPhone is a proprietary device, though, and employees at Apple work hard to keep it locked down so that it only works with Apple software. With that, unfortunately, you get what you pay for.



On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 4:03 AM, Eddie Colon <ecr959 gmail com> wrote:
Hello Developers

         Hello.  I am a happy Linux user, I have been for many years.  I use Ubuntu as my only OS for about 7 or 8 yrs.   Today I bought a new iphone 5c ,  because it is an excellent phone.    So, I am concerned about not being able to get iTunes, because iTunes needs to run on a desktop, and I am being told that I need iTunes to do OS updates to my new iphone and to buy music from the iTunes store.    Can Rhythmbox  interface with iphone in any way ?  Can you give me any ideas at all  about this ?    I will appreciate any answers and advice from you.

Thank you.

Eddie Colon

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