[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature requests....


Rhythmbox is awesome!  Here are a couple of things I believe would make it even better in future iterations:

Automatic file organizing.  Yes there is a plugin for this and it works well, but it is not really very automatic.  (I am thinking of the non power user that just needs things to work.)  My suggestion here is twofold.  

1) When importing music a user should have an option (maybe a radio checkbox) to either move or copy the source music to the primary Music location using the chosen Folder Hierarchy under Preferences/Library structure.

2) There should be an indented checkbox under Preferences/Music/Watch library for new files, to the effect of 'Keep files organized'. and have this work in the background or when songs are played. 

Some other suggestions:

Get at least basic tag editing working again.  This kind of goes with the auto file organizing.  If you edit a tag and change an artist/abum, or check a compliation album box, the file should be moved to the right place in the file system.  As it is now to fix things I have to go to a different program, and then manually run an 'organizer'.  No problem for me, but the average non technical user should not have to do this.

Remove the menu in Party mode.

Create a startup option to enable Party mode.  (Right now you can make it start full screen in fluxbox or devilspie/gnome, but it would be nice to get it started in Party mode on a dedicated music player machine.

Again, great program, and thanks to the hard working devs here.

Boyd Kelly
Coast Business Technologies
C: 604.837.0765
W: http://www.coastsystems.net

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