[Rhythmbox-devel] Audible & Overdrive

Hello Everyone,

I have a small problem with transferring files from Rhythmbox to my USB MP3 player.

With the help of WINE & Winetricks I have installed the Audible Manager and the OverDrive media console on to a PC with Ubuntu 12.04. Unfortunately I have been unable to configure WINE so that Audible and Overdrive will recognise my MP3 player.

However, I have tried to find an alternative path by using dConf to add both the Audible and Overdrive folders to the Rhythmdb. Both folders and contents now appear as sub-libraries of Rhythmbox's Music library. Which means I can use Rhythmbox to easily transfer Audible and Overdrive content to my MP3 player. With one small problem: Rhythmbox won't recognise the Audible .aa files.

Is there anyway to get Rhythmbox to recognise the .aa Audible files? I don't need Rhythmbox to play the files - I know that won't ever be possible - just help me transfer them easily to my device.

Thanks very much for any help with the above.


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