[Rhythmbox-devel] iTunes version question


I'm running Rhythmbox version 2.96-0ubuntu4.3 on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system, and want to initialize a brand new 16 GB iPod Nano. The device is primarily touch screen-operated, so I assume it's what is referred to as a "Nano touch" in the drop-down list of models that's found in Rhythmbox's "iPod detected" window, which comes up without a problem when I plug it in to my computer or start Rhythmbox with it plugged in. I haven't gone on to select a model from that list and click the "initialize" button yet, though, primarily because the latest generation of Nano touch shown on the list is 6th, and mine is apparently 7th generation, so I wanted to ask about something before I do so.

I talked to people at a couple of Apple stores in an attempt to find out if - in a hypothetical Mac system situation - there would be any problem with running the iTunes version meant for 6th generation iPods on my device (as long as I can store and play mp3, m4a, and perhaps a few other common sound file formats on it, I'll be happy), and the most specific answer I was able to get was that the 7th generation iPod Nano must have "iTunes version 11 or later" in order to work.

Therefore, my main question to you would be: Is the iTunes that my version of Rhythmbox is "emulating", as it were, version 11 or later? (I know that "emulation" is a very specific programming term, but that's not what I'm referring to, exactly; "emulating" is simply the best word I know for what I'm trying to say here)

I realize that there are newer versions of Rhythmbox than mine currently available, but 2.96 is the latest version offered for my OS through Ubuntu's official software center, so my best case scenario would be to get this iPod running on it, if that's possible.

Thank you for reading this, and for any information you can provide me with on the subject.


Charles White

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