[Rhythmbox-devel] Crash while updating database

Hi all,

I am using rhythmbox in Ubuntu 12.10 (quantal) and since the 12th Nov
2012 I am experiencing a crash when rhythmbox starts up.

When run from terminal I get
RhythmDB:ERROR:rhythmdb-tree.c:1517:remove_child: assertion failed:
(g_hash_table_remove (parent->children, data))
Aborted (core dumped)

With debug flag I see that the error occurs when a file is wrongly
classified as non-existent

(07:33:01) [0x12290d0] [rhythmdb_process_one_event] rhythmdb.c:2503:
(07:33:01) [0x12290d0] [rhythmdb_process_stat_event] rhythmdb.c:2101:
error accessing
Couldn't access file:///media/WindowsData/Music/Clasica/Mozart -
Turkish March.mp3: Error when getting information for file
'/media/WindowsData/Music/Clasica/Mozart - Turkish March.mp3': No such
file or directory
(07:33:01) [0x12290d0] [song_update_availability]
rhythmdb-song-entry-types.c:170: deleting entry
not seen for too long
(07:33:01) [0x12290d0] [rhythmdb_entry_delete] rhythmdb.c:3707:
deleting entry 0x7fb6d048de90

The disc file:///media/WindowsData/ is correctly mounted and accesible
and the file is there. I can play it with any other player.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thank you very much for rhythmbox!


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