[Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions

I have two suggestions with Rhythmbox I'd like to throw out there. First is with the columns (Title, Artist, Album, etc...). I would to more control over those columns. I would like to be able to arrange them how I see fit left to right by simply dragging and dropping one into position to take the spot previously held by another, thus swapping the two. Also the ability to right click and select more fields or columns (file type) or deselect a column I didn't want.

My second suggestion is with the sorting. I think it would be nice if when sorting alphabetically it would do so with while ignoring words like "The". So for instance, if I was sorting by the Artist column, the band "The Shins" would still sorted alphabetically by "S" not "T". Or the band "The Dillards" would be sorted by "D". Thanks.

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