Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] building and running rhythmbox for the first time

GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.rhythmbox' does not
contain a key named 'show-album-art'

Harshath JR,

I faced the same problem today and solved it thanks to help from mosh on
IRC. These tips might help you:

1. Suppose you installed RB in /somewhere/rb/ (via
--prefix=/somewhere/rb/). Then prepend your $XDG_DATA_DIRS with
/somewhere/rb/share/, and re-run RB.
1.1. To double-check RB tries to read the files you expect it to access,
use strace: strace -f -eopen ./bin/rhythmbox 2>&1 | grep schema

2. The --enable-uninstalled-build autogen switch might help, too. It
makes RB look in the source tree for the files it needs to run.

Hope that helps! Props go to mosh for the guidance.


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