[Rhythmbox-devel] Auto-fill of album/track names in Maverick (10.10)

What's the status of this in Rhytmbox?

I must say I'm genuinely amazed this has been going for so long, with so many people being annoyed by it, and nothing much apparently being done to fix something that seem to the uninitiated eye relatively simple to fix (I mean, according to the blog post on MusicBrainz, all they ask for is a valid User-Agent string - doesn't seem unreasonable nor too difficult to achieve?)

Been searching around, the forum, Launchpad, bug reports, Ubuntu forums - I'm now aware I'm not the only thinking poorly of RB, but none the wiser about how to fix it: I've tried to build 2.96 from the source, but there's a dependency that can't be fixed - I'm on 0.13 and would be nice to have a fix for this.
Or at least know that none is available and I'll stop wasting time trying to rip CDs with RB (a pretty basic functionality IMO) - I'll just use a Mac for this, and will put up with iTunes.


says it's fixed - it most certainly isn't for me, nor is clear where I'm supposed to go/do to get a fix/patch.

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