Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] FW: plugin does not ask for username/password


> Prior to rhythmbox-0.13.3, the edit/plugins/ menu used to ask for and save the username and password
> Post rhythmbox-0.13.3, the edit/plugins/ menu does not ask for the username/password, but clicking on the icon brings up a button marked "login". I'm guessing that clicking on "login" should pop-up a browser window, but is doesn't.

That's odd that it isn't opening a browser. Do you have a default
browser set in gnome settings?

> If I enter the following into a browser:
> api_key=0337ff3c59299b6a31d75164041860b6&token=dabafc5eb1919a46240bfba57084ad98
> asks for my username/password and I can logon and rhythmbox is set as an enabled application.

This is odder, because despite not opening a browser for you,
rhythmbox should still be able to notice that you logged in and
enabled it. But you can see from the output where it says "auth token
has not been authorised yet. will try again", that is telling
us we have not been authorised.

In plugins/audioscrobbler/rb-audioscrobbler-account.c, in
got_session_key_cb (), try printing the entire return message from to see if maybe it's being parsed wrong, ie "rb_debug

If not, it seems like it could be a problem on their end. You could
maybe try revoking rhythmbox's access in your settings then
trying again if you haven't already? And that's me all out of ideas.
Hope that helps.

> I've tried editing ~/.gconf/apps/rhythmbox/audioscrobbler/%gconf.xml to add my username:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <gconf>
>         <entry name="username" mtime="1343732924" type="string">
>                 <stringvalue>myusername</stringvalue>
>         </entry>
> </gconf>
> ..but I cannot see anywhere to store my password.
> Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Yeah that wont work, it's written to by the plugin, but not
read from. It's just so that the context pane, and possibly other
plugins too, can see the username.


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