Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] upcoming release

On Tue, Jan 17, Jonathan Matthew wrote:

> > This lacks support for libmusicbrainz4.
> > I remember there was a patch for adding support for libmusicbrainz4.
> > Why is it not part of that upcoming release?
> Because no one ever showed it to me?

Too bad.

Its been a while since I converted my audio CDs to FLAC format, so here
is what I know as a user:

- There is a bug open for the new web API:

- The code in rhythmbox for that web API comes (partly?) from
sound-juicer. From reading through the bug above, it seems the code for
libmusicbrainz4 is not ready yet. A quick search in the
web UI indicates that its appearently also not commited upstream yet.


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