Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] activating in gtk3

> What are you actually trying to do here? It looks like this would only
> catch events received by the source that was selected when the plugin
> was activated. Maybe you need to use 'notify::selected-page' signal on
> the shell to track the active source.

I think i'm doing this is all wrong, I want event_handler to run on
track selection and then go from there. I've found two options that
might work. (both don't in their current state)

# the first line isn't getting the entries
self.entry_source = RB.BrowserSource
self.entry_source.connect("selection-changed", self.event_handler)

# i need to re define event_handler to use this
RB.BrowserSource.do_button_press_event(RB.Shell, self.event_handler)

How does RB.BrowserSource.do_selected work? I think that would skip
all these issues.

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