[Rhythmbox-devel] Problems copying data on iPod Classic


i am using Rhythmbox 2.96 under Ubuntu 12.04 (and Gnome 3, not Unity)
together with my iPod Classic 160 GB. I want to copy music on the iPod.
In the net, I found that drag and drop should work, but this is not the
case: Nothing happens when I drop songs on the iPod (that is correctly
recognized by Rhythmbox). If I start Rhythmbox from terminal, no output
is given when I drop songs on the iPod, so no hints for debugging from
this side.

Generally, copying data on the iPod works on the same system, eg with
Amarok, but I wonder if this is not at all possible with Rhythmbox?

Can you tell me if I musinderstood something here?


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