[Rhythmbox-devel] building and running rhythmbox for the first time


I'm a long time rhythmbox user and a new contributor the this project. I just checked out the project from git and compiled it today, and am trying to run the outcome.
I built it by running ./autogen.sh and then "make".

After some hunting, I found the rhythmbox binary in ./shell.

But running that binary gives me this result:

(process:19002): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Could not load desktop file '/usr/local/share/applications/rhythmbox.desktop': No such file or directory

(lt-rhythmbox:19002): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: couldn't load fallback icon rhythmbox-missing-artwork: Icon 'rhythmbox-missing-artwork' not present in theme

GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.rhythmbox' does not contain a key named 'show-album-art'
Trace/breakpoint trap

How do I get the binary running? Am I missing any steps?


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