Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Auto-fill of album/track names in Maverick (10.10)

Thanks, Jonathan, answers inline:

On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 01:46, Jonathan Matthew <jonathan d14n org> wrote:

According to the bug report you just linked to, you just need a
rhythmbox package that is built with libmusicbrainz3.

right - problem is, there seems to be no way to find that one out.
Been googling for it, looking in forums, and on the bug report - all I could find was the source distribution
This is a
distribution problem, not an upstream problem. It's a bit of a shame
that the Ubuntu developers haven't been able to resolve this yet, but
they do have other things to focus on, such as the other two versions
they've released since then and the one they're about to release.

fully understand that -- all I'm asking really, is a binary distro (.deb or what have you) that's built against 10.10 (or, 10.04 - same difference and it's a LTS)
post it someplace where folks can find it - and we'll use getlibs to sort out eventual dependencies
Since you seem to have the skills to build from source, perhaps you
could provide a PPA for people still using Ubuntu 10.10 containing the
updated packages.

ah - you're overestimating my skills :)
As mentioned, the problem is that it fails at the ./configure stage, where a dependency remains unsatisfied (essentially, 10.10 has version 0.9.3 as the latest compatible build, but rhytmbox needs version 1.0 or greater)
I forget the details right now - I've posted about it on the bug report, but have heard nothing back.

so I've been unable to even try to build it - let alone generate something I can distribute.

Again, it seems to me a trivial task to accomplish for someone who has all the necessary bits and pieces (source tree, libs, and what have you) but a massively time-consuming trial-and-error task for someone like me who has to start from scratch and throw wild guesses (but, hey I'm totally willing to help if someone tells me how)

Incidentally, I've trivially solved my problems by using my wife's iMac + iTunes, ripping to MP3 and then moving them to my NAS:
forces me to use hated iTunes, but works effortlessly just fine ;)

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