[Rhythmbox-devel] grilo plugin

I just committed a new plugin based on the grilo media browsing
library (http://live.gnome.org/Grilo). This provides a upnp client
that actually works and a jamendo browser that doesn't take half an
hour to load and consume all the memory in the world.

Grilo-based sources look quite different to most other sources in
rhythmbox, since we don't have the entire track list as would be
required to construct the album/artist/genre browsers. Instead we show
the container structure that the grilo source describes, and populate
the track list with the tracks in the currently selected container.
Both the browser and the track list avoid fetching entire collections,
since that can take a prohibitively long time. Searching also works
differently as grilo only offers search across an entire source.
Searching clears the browser selection and vice versa.

Feedback on this is welcome - I'm not married to the approach I've
taken here, but I think it works well with the upnp content model and
fairly well with jamendo too. Browsing the jamendo collection this way
isn't great (it's still a huge collection of assorted genres with
wildly varying quality), but searching works pretty well.

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