[Rhythmbox-devel] Play random Albums instead of songs

Hello everyone!
I am currently working on a project for college where i have to understand a program and implement a new functionality. I have chosen rhythmbox, because i use it everyday and always wanted to implement the functionality of playing random albums instead of songs. Basically, the steps are as follow:

1. pick a random album;
2. play its tracks (in linear order or shuffled);
3. go back to 1;

I searched in the archives and saw some people requesting it, but haven't found any progress on the issue.
I have already checked the files rb-play-order* and have fairly understood their working. Now i am a little confused about rb-history and how i could get the albums and put their tracks in a history for play-order to pick from. At least that's how i think it should work.
I would apreciate if anyone could give me some hints on where to look, how to get albums and songs, etc.
Thanks in advance.

Matheus Araújo Aguiar
Computer Science Student
matheus pit gmail com

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